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Sicily Italy Golf Holidays

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily sizzles in the near African sun all year round.  Sicily is an almost mythical island with its long history of invasions and civilisations, a darker recent past and now a very bright future.  The food and wine are legendary – even the Italians talk about it!  The Ionian Sea is clear and warm, the hilltop towns with their ornate baroque cathedrals are fascinating, the archaeological sites extraordinary and the locals passionate about their island.

Golf in Sicily. Yes! Sicily has five beautiful eighteen-hole courses just waiting for you. Admittedly, it does seem strange that a place with chronic water shortages --and little efficiency in solving that problem-- would have any golf courses at all. But no Sicily is a very popular destination for golfers and well known for their beautiful well-maintained and glorious green courses .Aside from maybe December and January when it can rain a little, Sicily is perfect for sunny golf holidays. The height of summer may be a little too hot for most as temperatures can hit the 40s, but if you are prepared to play early, you will find plenty of room on the Fairways.

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